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Alternative Education (ACE)


Alternative Education Program Information

Missouri Valley ACE, Alternative Center for Education, is an alternative education program operated by the Missouri Valley Community School District. The classroom is located in the District Office at 109 E. Michigan Street. Students enrolled in ACE can earn a high school diploma upon the successful completion of the Missouri Valley High School graduation requirements.

ACE is designed to meet the needs of junior and senior students who have not experienced success in the traditional school environment or who have specific needs that the traditional school cannot meet. ACE is not a general program for all students. Students are accepted into the program through an application/referral process administered by the District Screening Team.

ACE curriculum is designed to help those students who have dropped out of school and the traditional student who has fallen behind with credits catch up and graduate. ACE is utilizing Edgenuity and Odysseyware, on-line curriculums with customizable core, elective, and Career Technical Education (CTE) courses. Students are able to learn at their own pace and make meaningful academic gains.  ACE will also offer some elective courses that are designed for independent study.