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Spelling Words for 2nd Grade

Click here to download the 2nd Grade Spelling List

Week 2: cut, big, end, ask, add, fast, off, Miss

Week 3: close, gave, home, page, side, take, waves, cute

Week 4: need, eat, mean, hear, leave, reach, read, tree,

Week 5: high, light, might, by, why, try, day, say,

Week 6: knew, know, point, soon, show, threw, through, no

Week 7: burn, storm, park, burst, horn, dirt, shark, worn

Week 8: chew, cloud, crowd, grew, loud, proud, too, zoo

Week 9: crawl, haul, join, joy, launch, point, soil, straw

Week 10: eating, helping, hopping, keeping, liking, running, shining, skipping

Week 11: cutting, hopping, jumping, racing, saved, skipping, smelled, tipped

Week 12: second, third, farm, fur, cartoon, sundown, cowboy, Monday

Week 13: beach, earth, hill, lake sand, sea, stream, water

Week 14: apple, handle, rattle, riddle, rumble, settle, simple, struggle

Week 15: darker, deeper, deepest, faster, fastest, loudest, smarter, strongest

Week 16: bravely, friendly, kindly, neatly, sadly, safely, slowly, softly,

Week 17: artist, harder, helper, hunter, quicker, sailor, slower, teacher,

Week 18: careful, careless, fearful, fearless, helpful, helpless, hopeful, hopeless

Week 19: cheerful, fairly, friendless, gladly, needle, playful, purple, worker

Week 20: undo, unfair, unlock, unlocked, unpack, unpacking, unsnap, unzip

Week 21: reheat, reload, remake, rename, repack, repaint, reread, rethink

Week 22: ballpark, bedtime, farmland, goldfish, hillside, rainfall, snowball, sunshine

Week 23: absent, escape, insect, mistake, problem, reptile, rescue, thirteen

Week 24: about, ago, around, before, below, mistake, prepare, ribbon

Week 25: almost, away, ever, father, idea, never, over, under

Week 26: answer, because, better, brother, color, letter, mother, other

Week 27: climb, comb, done, find, friend, kind, mind, one

Week 28: become, both, come, does, some, someone, something, sometimes

Week 29: can’t, doesn’t, don’t, I’ll, I’m, isn’t, we’ll, won’t

Week 30: marble, turtle, easily, happily, driver, swimmer, beautiful, penniless

Week 31:  review, rewrite, except, explode