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First Grade Math Power Standards

1OA. 1:  

  • I can add and subtract within 20 using multiple strategies.

1OA. 3:

  • I can use fact families

1OA. 6:  

  • I can add and subtract within 20.  

1NBT. 1:  

  • I can count up to 120 starting from any number 120.  

  • I can read and write numbers to show how many objects are in a group (up to 120).

1NBT. 2:

  • I can tell how many tens and ones are in a number and I can show that I know what a ‘ten’ is.

1NBT. 3:  

  • I can compare 2-digit numbers using <, >, = because I understand tens and ones.

1MD. 2 :

  • I can express the length